Friday, June 27, 2008

A hobby I don't have time for...

Scrapbooking. I miss it. I used to scrap all the time and today I came across an unfinished had been left with no journaling for TEN months--yep, since I lived in Oregon! So I just took a few minutes and finished it...then I thought it would be fun to share something different here on my blog. I hope to get back into this hobby eventually...I need to even things up between the amount of scrapbook pages my daughter has compared to my son!

here is what it says:
"Inseparable. That's the two of you! You are constant companions and playmates. I enjoy seeing you together, playing...and I love hearing you laugh your belly laughs together. I secretly delight in spying on you as you devise a naughty little scheme together (usually to sneak some treats.) You are affectionate, thoughtful and kind to one another. You miss each other when you are apart-even asking to call the another on my cell phone! Your bond is strong, love evident, and did I mention that you want to get married?"

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  1. That is a beautiful page! I used to scrapbook, then the Lord filled my quiver with 4 boys and time seems to be the thing I run short of every day! Great to see some of your pictures! You do fabulous work!