Friday, October 30, 2009

Taylor Family Photo Shoot

Fun times with Jeff Taylor, host of the Way Early Show on 88.7 Way FM...we did a family photo shoot downtown yesterday. Jeff, Larisa, Tommy & Kate braved the heat and even layered their outfits! Fashion Friday lives! Check out their examples, they look fantastic...and Jeff was only a leetle bit high maintenance....okay, a LOT. But that's why we LOVE him!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sneak Peek for baby Asher

So, I realize it's Wedding Wednesday and I have been slacking. I am hoping that the irresistable baby Asher will make it up to you, my dear brides and others interested in my wedding posts. This little miracle captured my heart and I know he will have the same effect on you. Wedding Wednseday returns next week.

Jen & Perry: have a beautiful son and your family is so very precious to us. We are thrilled that you are home and have overcome such major obstacles. Wishing you every happiness!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


What a gorgeous family...and so happy together! Thank you guys for your patience, you are wonderful. And stunning!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009 Holiday Card Collection

I am thrilled to offer these fresh designs for this year's Holiday Season. Enjoy!

Card 1:


Inside Spread for Folded Card Option:
reads: "May the season be full of joy & wonder"

Back for flat card option:

Card 2:
reads: "Happy Holidays from our Home to Yours."

Front (option A):

Front: (option B)

Back: solid white or single photo

Card 3:


Inside Spread (folded card):

Back of folded card:

Card 4:

Option A:

Option B:

Option C:

Note: the back of this card is solid white.

Card 5:


Inside Spread:
Reads: "A heartfelt Christmas wish of peace & happiness this holiday season."

Solid White

Card 6:

Folded Front:

Inside Spread:

Back: Solid white or color

Card 7:


Folded Inside Spread:
(reads: wishing you the happiest of holidays"


Card 8:

Inside Spread (folded card option):


Purses by Braidy Joy!

I love things handmade, one of a kind...and purses are biggest my weakness in this department! So, when I met Braidy, she was a kindred spirit immediately...a creative, sweet spirit with a line of purses that are better made than what you will find at a department store! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do; her talent is genious!

The line up:
(left click on each picture to get a close-up view of Braidy's perfect detail!)

For more information on these beautiful works of art, visit Braidy's website:
Or email here at:

Let her know that you saw her work on this blog and receive a 10% discount.