Saturday, August 16, 2008

If I had another baby...

I would buy all this stuff! When I see great products from fellow small business owners, I get really excited and love to spread the, here is what I am excited about these days:

This birdy onesie is so "me", that I would love a T-shirt version for myself!

I have seen and felt this diaper bag--the stitching is flawless, the canvas is durable and the pattern, well...who can resist polka dots? These are two different bags here, just in case you were wondering. The brown version has polka dot handles!

And now, the onesie that I want to stock up on for baby shower gifts:

To see more adorable baby clothes, accessories, diaper bags, and other creative must-haves for babies, check out Stacey's website--you will get lost in her creativity. She inspires me!

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