Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my sort-of-a scarf

I couldn't stop knitting...until I ran out of yarn. Hence the short length! My daughter insists that I run right out and buy some more yarn so that I can knit the scarf to it's proper length. I might...but first I want to learn a few new stitches. And I would like to make a scarf without the missed loops and holes, etc. But, I am okay with my first scarf being so imperfect, that's how it should be, right? Full of mistakes, character and sweat? (It's a little warm here to be sitting around with yarn in your lap...)

I should have known that I would get addicted and start daydreaming about yarn...that's just who I am.


  1. nice half scarf. great for a cat's neck perhaps... stick to photography. get back to that editing :)

  2. Great beginning-we all atart somewhere! I acn tknit at all-so Im impressed! I can see cute beanie hats and sweaters for visits to Oregon!? Good job!

  3. I just can't stop laughing at the picture. It's true.... you live in Florida, you have no business knitting a scarf! Maybe you should try to knit a bikini?? lol!

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  5. sorry-- I commented while logged into my other account....

    anyhow-- the pic is too much!! hillarious!
    now I have to post a photo of my first hat! lol!