Monday, October 27, 2008

Taking Dress Up To The Next Level

I have this love of face painting. Since I quit dyeing my kids on the inside, why not dye the outside? (read this post
for that to make sense). Anyway, I seriously enjoy this fun activity thanks to a face painting step-by-step book that my daughter bought with her own money, as she likes to remind me (thanks, Poulie!). This book is published by Klutz, comes with paint and is available at Michael's or We have hours of fun painting the neighbors, ourselves and each other.

There is one drawback: paint ends up all over my walls, towels, clothing, etc. It's washable and non-toxic so I don't mind as long as we facepaint in moderation (aka: I hide the book frequently). Since we usually paint superhero masks around the eyes, I was thrilled to do something different, a tiger. Here is my animal-loving child:

I am thinking of offering my face painting services at birthday parties. Just kidding. Call me.

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