Wednesday, October 1, 2008

May Wedding Finally Blogged!

My favorite part of being a photographer, hands down: building relationships. You may recognize this beautiful couple from their engagement session several posts ago. Well, here we have the wedding...and what fun it was to see the culmination of months of planning. I still remember the first time I spoke with Jenna over the phone, and how I liked her instantly. Sadly, this couple has moved out of state but somehow I know that we will maintain a relationship. Here are some well overdue photos from their special day that took place back in May. And because I am a detail-type-of-girl, we will begin my my favorite detail:

It was really, really hot outside...this was such a nice touch!
Here is the close up:

Allow me to set the stage:

The sweet ceremony that just missed a downpour:
(note: another wedding party was not so lucky...they were rained out!)

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Warren:

The Dinner Reception--I must say, the food was fantastic. I was thrilled to be invited to eat with the family. I was thrilled to be treated like family!

Wishing the Warren family much happiness! You are missed!

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