Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Facts are my Favorite

I love random facts & trivia--I love spouting it off and learning it about my friends. I am a sucker for those "20 Questions" on facebook &'s a little *too* consuming. So anyway...I'll go first, and then you can comment with something random about yourself.

Here's as random as it gets (for now):
I have always had long hair, past my shoulders at least.

Well....except for twice.
The first time was when I was a child and my Mom handed over the haircut responsibility to my Dad. He let the hairdresser cut off several more inches than planned. I thought it was really cute...until I got home and saw the look on my Mom's face. Then, I cried.

The second time was when I was away in college and I was feeling rebellious. I cut my hair all the way ABOVE my shoulders, got blonde chunky highlights and took a photo of myself wearing a shirt that said: BRAT. I was also sticking out my tongue. This was a little gift for my Mom.

Do you think these two events are related?

I guess we don't have to call in a professional to explain why my own daughter's hair is down to her waist.

ps. Mom, if you are reading this, I am not really not emotionally scarred. And thanks for talking me out of getting a tattoo.

p.p.s. Dad, if you are reading this, thanks for taking me for haircuts. I really did like that haircut.

Now, let's read some random facts about YOU!


  1. Okay, a random fact about me is that I am always doing random things! Also I cannot talk on the phone without doodling!

  2. Random fact? humm-well if I could I'd Like to save every decorating magazine -so I could grab them and look for ideas whenever-but...Id have no room in my living room if I did!I always feel a little hesitation when I drop them off (in the free pile)at the library -hoping theyll go to a good home.