Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Graduation Pops!

To celebrate my son's pre-school graduation, we made cake pops featuring his school colors (red, white & blue), in these combinations:

We used strawberry cake just to shake things's my new favorite. As I write this, I am closing my eyes and saying "yummm."

What's that you say? You need a closer look at the texture and yumminess? Here you go:

Of course, my daughter wanted to bring some cake pops to her class, so she made some heart decorations and we made pops in the only colors I had left: yellow, red and of course brown from the milk chocolate.

Ten points if you can recognize the stamp set that the cap & heart are from! (Sorry, can't play...too easy for you!)

And for those of you that are going to attempt these delicious desserts, I have found some very helpful and cute "pinch bowls" that make dipping a delight!

Did you notice the pour spouts?! Yes, I am one pampered chef. ha-ha! These bowls even come with lids, so if you don't want to waste any left over candy coating, you can just stick the bowls in the fridge for future use! I did...but only for one day because I couldn't stand for those bowls to be out of circulation in my kitchen. Here is the lid:

Next up, lemon cake pops!

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