Friday, August 21, 2009

On the walls at the Baby Love Birth Center!

Recognize this place?

It's the Baby Love Birth Center on Del Prado in Cape Coral...the BEST place to have your baby in a warm, inviting, home-like atmosphere. And we are on the walls in three rooms! Here is the main area:

Making their debut:
Baby Dane (feet)
Baby Roman (mr. eyelashes)
Baby Sydnie x2

Not pictured here but also on the walls are:
Baby Dane (more than just feet)
The sweet belly of Julie D.
The sweet bellies of both Ben and Julie P.
Baby Adrianna (in the form of a birth announcement)

Special thanks to Braidy Joy and Samantha for this wonderful opportunity. We are so very blessed by your kindness and thoughtfulness!


  1. wow Stacy! Your work continues to amaze me. I cannot wait to have a baby so you can take cute pics of it.

  2. Yeah, you are on the walls of the Birth Center! Dane was to be born there, but he decided to do things his way. . . I am so excited for you, Congrats!! Brie