Tuesday, August 25, 2009

{sweet little fighter}

Sneak Peek for baby Jacob!

This little guy had a rough start but he is one strong, sweet soul! It was my pleasure to hold him and oh, what a dream to photograph. He even gave us a smile:

Thank you, Jessy for the opportunity to spend time with you and your little miracle. He is somethin special!


  1. Stacy, he looks adorable! Your patience, love and kindness all come through while you are taking pictures. I cant wait to see them ALL and I cant wait until the next session! You ROCK and Jacob Matthew LOVED being the center of attention!

    xoxo, Jessy

  2. The most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! The first one is just a perfect picture. I am speechless over it! I heart these pcitures so much. Jacob is the sweetest little J- EVER!