Thursday, September 17, 2009

{a natural}

Chandler is not only a natural beauty, she was a natural in front of the camera! So comfortable and confident with her smiles, her poses and her moody look. I think I must have said "whoa!" and "wow!" and "you go, girl!" more than a few times from behind my lens.

See what I mean? Gorgeous! Those eyes!

Those long lens...she is a super model.

Chandler, I wish I could pull that outfit off. I saw a sign on "What not to Wear" that read: "No Mini Skirts After 35." Thank the good Lord that I have a few more years before hitting 35, but these rules...they kill me.

This next photo is SO 'American Eagle' right now. Have you seen the AE store fronts lately with the collage of vintage-y photos? This photo belongs up there:

ps. I belong on their photography set (I wish!)

Finally, a little black dress:

Chandler, please remember me when you are famous. Thank you.


  1. She is FANTASTIC! Your first photo is amazing...gorgeous!

  2. Did I mention I wish I could wear miniskirts too? I haven't yet passed the age limit, but I've passed the "I've had too many kids and my legs are covered in veins limit" - ICK!

    Do you ever wish you were a little more wild when you were young and hot? I certainly wish I hadn't been such a nice girl :)

  3. Amazing photos! Wow she is a supermodel!