Thursday, May 28, 2009

my new ring

It's so pretty, I had to photograph it.

There is a little story behind the ring, or I wouldn't bring it up. we's a Lucky Brand ring.

I visit the Lucky Brand jewelry pretty often at the department store that I pass six times a day, five days a week. (It's called Belk. think Macy's.) I usually look at the jewelry and then balk at the prices, saying things like "I would never pay THAT for a bracelet!" Or, "Ridiculous!" Or, "Maybe when those earrings go on clearance for 75% off...maybe then, I will buy them!" And then I walk away, feeling offended and disgusted at retail and ask myself why I even bothered coming in here? Then I saw this ring. I liked it. I liked it a lot.

It was $38.00 BUT! I decided to wait for clearance, and hopefully even the additional 30-50% percent that comes off during "red dot" events. I visited my ring once a week or so, even tried it on a lot until one day it was....gone. I thought I'd get over it. But look at this swirly detail:

I kept thinking about it. (I can't believe I am admitting to this.) I went to another Belk...and Macy's and Dillards. Nowhere to be found. Then I visited ebay. Found her for $26.99, with free shipping. Yay for ebay! When it came in the mail, I rejoiced, until I looked at the RED DOT price on the back of the tag.

$18.99. Not to mention, perhaps an additional 30-50% off!

It's okay. I got over it in about thirty seconds, especially when I realized that I can pair my ring with my new nailpolish!

If you think I'm nuts, I don't blame you.
In fact, I will agree with you.

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  1. I TOTALLY think you're nuts! And yet, I would have done the EXACT same thing!! So, what does that say about me?? I LOVE the ring! SOOO cute!! At least you didn't pay retail for it! Good job! I am STILL looking for your sweater on eBay... it's an addiction! hahaha!