Friday, May 1, 2009

Wayfest...aka WOWfest!

Not only did I attend my first Christian concert last weekend, I was asked to photograph my first Christian concert by Jeff Taylor at Way FM. It was one exciting experience! I had to remember to take pictures instead of jump up and down when the Newsboys rocked the house! Here is our photo documentary of the event...readysetgo:

First, we were invited to the meet and greet and were able to get autographs. I wasn't prepared, and all I had on me was my all access pass. I like to say "all access" because it makes me feel special. Check it out:

Next, we watched our friends Jeff and Steve sign autographs using the shots we took a few days before. It was thrilling to see my work being signed and sent home with fans!

I introduced my pal, Kyannah to Jeff Taylor--she really wanted to meet him, so it was all very exciting. Just ignore my weird smile and focus on sweet Kyannah. Or you can check out the zoom lens I am holding, which weighs more than a toddler.

Then we took some fun shots of the equipment on stage...these are some of my favorite shots!

Then we snapped some pics of the stuff for sale outside the concert doors. I wanted more than a few T-shirts!

Then the music started and I was right next to a speaker, looking through my heavy zoom lens. The noise shook my very bones! It was loud, but worth these shots. Brandon and I worked the room and got so many moving images...they speak for themselves:


  1. All I can say is Blessed,blessed,blessed! How fun-your talent paired with a Newsboys concert!!

  2. Are you freakin' kidding me??!!?? Stacy, this is AWESOME!! What a blessed opportunity you had! And the shots are fantastic! The Lord is just blessing you! I am thrilled for you!

  3. go stacy!!! i was checkin' out the toddler, er, zoom lens. was it the 2.8 70-200? (oh, man, keep forgetting you're a canon girl.) but anyway, i rented the big gun for stage photography. that baby is heavy, but it's like BUTTER! did you love?

  4. loved all these images btw. way to make your mark in sunny FL!