Thursday, May 14, 2009

{precious life}

Introducing baby Dane...welcome to the world! You have two wonderful parents who love you dearly. Congratulations, Brie and Will, he is perfect.

More to come, but for is one shot, three ways. I don't know which I like best!

Update: couldn't stop:


  1. The're all really good. The last one at the first one is a cool one and so is the last one at the page but third picture is a very traditional one that is pretty to look at just because it is such a nice shot.

  2. I LOve the 5th one in the turquoise like a little fish in an ocean..

  3. Derek just walked by and said "aw it's a baby" and Paige asked if that was her or Derek? Sadly, I told them it wasn't either of them... darn it!
    I love all the shots. As far as you not being able to decide which shot you liked best of the top three... I really like the last one. They are all beautiful, but there is just something about seeing those sweet rosy lips and soft pink cheeks!
    You rock as always!

  4. the blue on a platter :)

  5. We LOVE them all, but if we have to pick, the last one in the black background would be our favorite.
    We're so happy for you, and we thank God for your healthy , beautiful baby.
    God Bless.